Feb 8, 2020

the sky is not the limit

Hello, and many greetings, dear listeners. I wandered a bit off course in effort to calibrate the controls to enable us optimal performance in drifting above the grey clouds above that we believe to our limitations. Let us be on our voyage.

While you would think that reaching just beyond this curtain of grey is the final destination of achieving your zenith, this is merely the prologue to life's true journey. Just beyond that lies a sky of blue which will give you a better glimpse of the sparkling cosmos. Beyond that which you cannot see or fathom is your true potential. No one can tell you where that ends, and you yourself cannot even know, as it is not the end of the journey that matters, it is the journey itself. 

The journey's end is a vital goal, but reaching that does not unveil your potential. The arc of your potential is actually a milestone to a greater thing. Reach beyond the sky, grasp your real dream and live to be the better you.

Turn on, tune in, go above and beyond...

(note: the first track is from an upcoming album of mine which will be released very soon, everything's finished, awaiting some final production)

Aug 13, 2019


Let's embark to a distant whereabouts that is virtually impossible to see through the clouds. It's there, but you won't see it if you fail to imagine and visualize. Your imagination and belief will permit you to soar into the wind and higher than the reaches of turbulence and static. It is within this place that your mind finds peace, your spirit finds joy, and your ears steer your destiny. As you drift slowly towards this objective, feel free to let the pillow-like squishy reassurance of cloud cover envelope you in skies of white. This fluffy blanket seeks to yield you a hiding place for you to collect your thoughts, as if you were collecting and sorting pebbles found in a pond. This action allows you to reanimate your purpose and direction. At this point, the controls of your craft are enhanced to enable you to soar with greater control to your defined destiny.

Use this tiny segment of time within your life to replace that dulled bulb of your past with a fresh, new glowing source that emanates confidence, control, and a renewed self-awareness. This illuminating source of light will burn the debris that causes you stress, and, in doing so, frees your mind and untangles your soul. Emerge from your cocoon and fly high! Thanks for traveling with Spaceman's Transmissions, and I hope that your flight is a pleasant one. We, the staff, look forward to servicing you on another flight and wish you the best. Peace.

Turn on, tune in, illuminate...





Jul 9, 2019

the world has not forgotten you

Salutations, my friends. We've had a good few voyages that have led us to new creative boundaries, and it is yet again time to board the space pod for a trek into and through the majestic cosmos. We'll be temporarily enveloped in the sparkling light that illuminates the non-reflective void of space as we set the controls for a new destination of solace and beauty.

To believe that this particular outing does not include you, or that you have no time for the journey, is to be very mistaken. It is a fallacy to insist that the space pod co-piloted by your boy Tonepoet has limited seating and will steal your time away without any incentive. There was a time when I complained I didn't have enough time to do anything until a good friend (with way more complications, liabilities, and responsibilities than I) told me that it is useless to find the time and rather we must make the time. Set aside this piece of the day for yourself to rejuvenate and re-calibrate those vital synapses that are necessary to keep your forward momentum pushing into the stars. 

While there are so many issues and things of importance in your life that seem to overshadow your own preservation and well-being, these issues can't find their way to the path of resolution without that vehicle of transportation being in tip-top shape. That vehicle that I'm referring to is your own vessel: the physical, spiritual, and mental self. Take this mere hour-ish of time to realize that you are indeed an individual of importance that is needed and valued as an asset to Mother Earth. Don't forget that despite the obstacles that distract you and weigh you down are not as important as you the individual. When you feel as though the pressure of insignificance bears down on you, press it back up with elephant legs and push through. You matter, and the crew here at Spaceman's Transmissions is depending upon you as a team member to assist in flight control guidance.

Keep in mind that you matter and that the world has not forgotten you no matter how deep in the mire of responsibilities and turmoil you seem to have waded into. Use this session to recharge your sense of being and to rise back to the top. I'll be standing by with another session of renewal and a towel for you to dry off. Peace.

Turn on, tune in, dry off and rise up...





May 26, 2019

and the rain must fall

When the skies turn grey, our minds tend to close in on themselves as an attempt to both provide cover for our fragile creative grey matter as well as a spiritual shield that helps us fast forward to the next sunny day, the next bright moment. The skies I'm talking about are both the physical and the metaphorical. The metaphorical being the darker moments that seem to weave in and out of the better moments during our journey upon Mother Earth. If we had no setbacks, no dips in our our good fortune, and no dull moments within the glistening sea of bliss, we would not have an accurate way to measure our successes. We would not have a reliable means to balance our joy against the temporary grain, and the value of our rejoicing would be lost. 

Let's dip our toes into a puddle of equally balanced light and dark, of perfectly brewed yin and yang. With this particular journey, take the stress that weighs you down, put it in a basket, and let if seep into the tiny puddle that flows to the sea. Every venture with Spaceman's Transmissions is intended to be an enlightening path that picks up the rough stones of turmoil and shines them into shiny pebbles that light the way. Take repeated listens to this episode when you feel you've lost your way and need a bit of guidance through the color and light that the staff here seek to share. Along the way, be sure to share a bit of good vibe with those around you in need of that guidance. That's karma. Peace.

Turn on, tune in, stay dry...





Apr 10, 2019

at the edge of this world

Let's embark on a path that takes us to to the edge of the world to get a glimpse among the stars. We'll need a special tapestry to aid us in our liftoff and provide us with security while experiencing zero gravity. Do not be afraid of letting your mind go for a mere hour of the journey. Rest assured that you old boy Tonepoet will guide you safely during every phase of our semi-astral deployment (I am and will always be right alongside you during our journeys). 


It is time to find that envelope that separates the seam of our world and the beyond. Within this envelope is a key that could be hidden in a tight corner pocket of the envelope, just out of sight. We can't find it with our eyes, we find it with our ears and mind. Use this key to start the engine to the pod that we will call our home for this session. The eyes create a specific friction that we call 'distraction' and it robs us of our peaceful and effortless travels to that universe where we unlock the secrets of creative mobility and boundless potential. It isn't our eyes to create pathways that are instrumental in the creative means to achieve situational success. Rather, it is our minds that are the Rube Goldberg machinery for which we develop our innovative resolve. Let's assemble that aural contraption that brings us closer to understanding that galaxy beyond our own. With this said contraption, we will succeed staying grounded while having a head full of stars. A complex yet perfected amalgamation of space music and earthy colors allows us to saddle these alternately diverse scenarios.

There is nothing wrong with having your head in the clouds (or the stars) and keeping your feet planted firmly upon Mother Earth. As we taste the stars and bathe within the cosmos, allow yourself to become replenished and renewed with an appreciation of your existence. Share this session with a fellow traveler in need of aural transmission to escape the hum-drum of their routine.

Turn on, tune in, ascend...



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