Dec 17, 2017

camping under the stars volume 3 (rebirth)

It is time once again, dear listen, to recognize and celebrate those who grace BANDCAMP with the presence of their aural artistry. I'm continuously inspired and in awe of the amazing vibes that live and breathe on Bandcamp, searching for a home within our minds and ears. With a small bit of searching, one can reap the benefits of the artistic fruits that creative artists have toiled over, with hopes that their creations will find a new world to take root in and germinate within us. Color your world with this session, and enable your mind's eye to relish the beauty and integrity that these artists present to you. I am but only a lone traveler and advocate among the cosmos that puts the wrapping paper upon the gift with hopes that you will taste the chocolate and search out those that have created the confection for you. No calories will haunt you as you allow yourself to surrender to its addictive nature. 

If you are interested in finding these releases (only 3 of them require payment, the rest were free), pay a visit to my sister site ( and search 'Camping With The Stars' to find links to the artists' Bandcamp pages as well as links to the releases themselves. Please pay them a visit, and if you decide to purchase anything, take comfort that you in turn are inspiring the artists to keep producing an intoxicating sweet nectar of musical juice. Make sure that you let them know that Tonepoet sent you by way of Spaceman's Transmissions.


Side note: only 3 of the releases cost me anything, the rest is pay-what-you-want. Can't beat that.

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Nov 14, 2017

following the path of a dream (collaboration with cosmic caveman)

Hello, weary space travelers. Today, we are embarking on a special journey that is manned by two cosmic pilots that are both certified dream weavers and licensed in sonic amalgamation studies. I'm blessed by the attendance of a qualified technician in the field of aural science in an effort to tweak this morsel to its optimal state of flavor with maximum mentally digestive capabilities. Together, with the rewarding and inspiring assistance of COSMIC CAVEMAN, we were able to build a strong team of like-minded and goal-oriented unity. Collectively, we designed a tapestry that is beyond our initial prototype of a journey that begins and ends in a surreal dream world. 

Dreams are an unpredictable affair, and as they form and unravel at whatever rate it is that they do, we are rewarded with a universe that is unique to the individual. We ask that you open the gates to your mind, and allow that space that exists between your ears (to include your ears) a safe haven for the unfurling of this voyage. We assure you that within this union of sound you will have the opportunity to add your own dreams as a glue to further solidify the significance of this offering. Even the negative meanderings perhaps need to surface to the light to bring about new creative solutions and recognition. Use that as an opportunity to right the wrongs and find your way.

Cosmic Caveman and I hope that you personally enjoy the experience that we've created for you. To hear more of his deeply sincere admiration of the ambient realm, visit his MIXCLOUD page and take in some delicate journeys. We very much hope that you continually seek a creative and mentally prosperous mental universe. Follow that path to your innovative higher self. Peace. 

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Aug 21, 2017

to find that place called home

Just recently I got to take a trip home. I was able to get my head right and fill it up with a good bit of nostalgia. I've lived the majority of my life away from where I was born (which I will always consider my home), and even though I'm still fascinated by the many ventures that I've taken (I've lived in a few different countries and have traveled extensively throughout the US), there really is no place like home. As persistent as I've tried to be escaping home, it always still draws me back with some sort of invisible force created by my memories. Trying to separate that seed from the tree is a very futile and meaningless event. I've always looked at those who chose to live close to the place where their favorite childhood memories were birthed and didn't really understand how these people didn't move on. Now, I can say that I understand and sympathize with those individuals.

Let's keep in mind that our home is truly where the heart is, and being surrounded by those that you love and those that love you defines home. I'd like to pay homage to that feeling of belonging and yearning that is created by a special place within this universe that you choose to let a part of you mind and soul to surrender. This could be anywhere for anyone, and every single spot is unique to its occupant. Take this music to drift to the place that you call home, either physically or mentally. 

For this session, I've interlaced the selections with familiar sounds of my happy home, past and present. Use this tapestry to return to the good times that exist within your mind and embark on a journey that takes you to the the front door of sacred and treasured events that made you the unique person that you are today.

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Jul 8, 2017

mental drift vol. 2 (still drifting)

Today we will continue a journey that we began a while back, and in doing so, we will step off with the same tapestry that we ended with on that first leg of the venture. Our desire to remain in a state of fluidity is driven by the need to coexist with those factors which seem to deplete our mental and creative flow and disrupt progress and forward momentum. Let's not create the current which exists to carry us upward and onward, but rather surrender to the woven colors and enter a dreamlike state where we rise above our earthly floor. This is where we can put our obstacles in better perspective to achieve our dreams.

As you begin your drift, be sure to mute cell phones and other distracting devices so as to fortify and enhance the experience of taking in every possible creative morsel to fill you hungry mind. With a blank slate, you will be able to craft your own artistically driven journey with colors that only you imagine and execute into a carefully developed tapestry.  Hang this beautiful creating that is unique to you within that universe of your mind that holds the things which you cherish and save for later times when called for. Enjoy the journey and keep drifting. Peace.


Turn on, tune in, sleep...




Jun 4, 2017

imagining your world from here

Hello, fellow cosmic dwellers, and welcome to the latest edition of Spaceman's Transmissions. This journey will require us to transcend a bit higher than our earthly floor to get a bird's eye glimpse of the celestial body that we call Mother Earth. During our travels, we'll seek to exist just above the surface of whatever turmoil and disruptions lie below our comfortable ceiling, and put into perspective all of the situations that need our attention and consideration. With this calibration of mental facilities, our goal is to then seek the answers to the many puzzles that life throws us, with a renewed creative focus that will effortlessly untangle the mysterious responsibilities that cause friction and turbulence. All that we here at Spaceman's Transmissions ask is to allow yourself the single hour within your day to let go and find solace, peace, and comfort in the tapestry of color and sound. Allow this collage entry into your unsettled mind in effort that it will untangle the situations that bind you to what ails you. Your mission, should you accept, is to seek and implement the peacefully subliminal flow so that you may assist others with turbulent situations in an effort to pay it forward.

The utmost amount of attention and care were utilized in an effort to allow the highest allowance of aural benefit. Our sound labs were recently sterilized and our readings correlated with the highest standards in accordance with dream laboratories worldwide. We guarantee that this journey is safe for lactose intolerant individuals, is kosher, fat-free, and high in supplements of sugar-free ear candy. Feel free to share generous bite sizes of this offering with those that you care about. Peace.


Turn on, tune in, sleep...




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