Mar 21, 2018

sleepers, awake!

We are slowly thawing out from winter's harsh sting, and with springtime upon us, it means that life is once again ready to begin flourishing with a renewal of beauty and wonder. Oh, how I relish the warmth and comfort of this ceremonial event when the days becoming longer and Mother Earth sings us lullabies of being alive! To show my gratitude to this celebration, I toiled in creating the perfect backdrop to welcome this festively monumental recycling of the beauty that we are rewarded that is all around us. Use this session to realize and appreciate Mother Earth's selfless service in delivering us another year in which to look backwards as well as forwards in an effort to perceive the magnitude of life which we should appreciate.

It must be noted, that this session is not meant to wake the soul from a slumber (that is never the sole mission of Spaceman's Transmissions), but rather to greet our waking Mother Earth with the commemoration of rebirth. You may rest easy, dear listener, and take comfort in knowing that our mission here is not being altered or misaligned. Do not emerge from your position of solace and mental prosperity with some alerted sense of discomfort. Rather, envelope your aura with a greater sense of solace in knowing that Mother Earth is providing a venture for you as your travel on her back. 

In posting this particular session, I wanted to bring to light an amazing release that is a required item for every library. I chose to purposely open and close this mix with songs from Colliding Galaxies' release FIRST CONTACT. It is an unbelievably incredible album that I highly recommend. It is a pay-what-you-want release, can't beat that. Do yourself a favor and check this artist out. Solid releases from an astounding new artist, I'll be sure to keep up with him and keep sharing the love.

Turn on, tune in, respect and honor Mother Earth...



Jan 26, 2018

the universe within you

After a very brief (yet well warranted) detour on our journey through the cosmos, our mental space pod is once again ready for boarding to yet another destination that is not altogether definable. Rather, the journey that we are undertaking is to collect the many surreal images that our beloved universe possesses. With this session of aural projection, I've granted your mind's eye an opportunity to gain snapshots of beauty and solace as we drift to the edge of the universe. While you might be tempted to take a giant leap past the galactic wall to satisfy your temptation, it is at this event horizon that we will rest, and reminisce about everything in life that has made it such an amazing voyage for you. We will also use this opportunity to realize that your glass is always half full, and that whatever grief or anguish that seems to weigh you down is indeed weightless in space. At this time, allow yourself to release this baggage to be devoured by the forgiving cosmos. During this ceremony, realize that it is not the destination itself that makes you who you become, but rather the journey to that destination.

As we let this session burrow its way into our ears and mind, let us not forget that the universe exists in a quite small space, smaller than what you imagined. We can assume that it lies entirely within that space between your ears. This is the space that matters the most, as it stores our precious memories, dreams, and wishes. It creates the colors and plots the passage to the bigger and better things in life for which we strive. Nourish this space with optimal means provided to allow yourself the benefit of reaping optimum solutions. For this purpose, I've amalgamated these tapestries for you, dear listener, in hopes that you will gift the same vibes to those around you in an attempt to make your universe a uniquely stellar one. Drift on and find that peace.

Set the compass for the edge of the universe then turn on, tune in, sleep...




Dec 17, 2017

camping under the stars volume 3 (rebirth)

It is time once again, dear listen, to recognize and celebrate those who grace BANDCAMP with the presence of their aural artistry. I'm continuously inspired and in awe of the amazing vibes that live and breathe on Bandcamp, searching for a home within our minds and ears. With a small bit of searching, one can reap the benefits of the artistic fruits that creative artists have toiled over, with hopes that their creations will find a new world to take root in and germinate within us. Color your world with this session, and enable your mind's eye to relish the beauty and integrity that these artists present to you. I am but only a lone traveler and advocate among the cosmos that puts the wrapping paper upon the gift with hopes that you will taste the chocolate and search out those that have created the confection for you. No calories will haunt you as you allow yourself to surrender to its addictive nature. 

If you are interested in finding these releases (only 3 of them require payment, the rest were free), pay a visit to my sister site ( and search 'Camping With The Stars' to find links to the artists' Bandcamp pages as well as links to the releases themselves. Please pay them a visit, and if you decide to purchase anything, take comfort that you in turn are inspiring the artists to keep producing an intoxicating sweet nectar of musical juice. Make sure that you let them know that Tonepoet sent you by way of Spaceman's Transmissions.


Side note: only 3 of the releases cost me anything, the rest is pay-what-you-want. Can't beat that.

Turn on, tune in, sleep...




Nov 14, 2017

following the path of a dream (collaboration with cosmic caveman)

Hello, weary space travelers. Today, we are embarking on a special journey that is manned by two cosmic pilots that are both certified dream weavers and licensed in sonic amalgamation studies. I'm blessed by the attendance of a qualified technician in the field of aural science in an effort to tweak this morsel to its optimal state of flavor with maximum mentally digestive capabilities. Together, with the rewarding and inspiring assistance of COSMIC CAVEMAN, we were able to build a strong team of like-minded and goal-oriented unity. Collectively, we designed a tapestry that is beyond our initial prototype of a journey that begins and ends in a surreal dream world. 

Dreams are an unpredictable affair, and as they form and unravel at whatever rate it is that they do, we are rewarded with a universe that is unique to the individual. We ask that you open the gates to your mind, and allow that space that exists between your ears (to include your ears) a safe haven for the unfurling of this voyage. We assure you that within this union of sound you will have the opportunity to add your own dreams as a glue to further solidify the significance of this offering. Even the negative meanderings perhaps need to surface to the light to bring about new creative solutions and recognition. Use that as an opportunity to right the wrongs and find your way.

Cosmic Caveman and I hope that you personally enjoy the experience that we've created for you. To hear more of his deeply sincere admiration of the ambient realm, visit his MIXCLOUD page and take in some delicate journeys. We very much hope that you continually seek a creative and mentally prosperous mental universe. Follow that path to your innovative higher self. Peace. 

Turn on, tune in, sleep...



Aug 21, 2017

to find that place called home

Just recently I got to take a trip home. I was able to get my head right and fill it up with a good bit of nostalgia. I've lived the majority of my life away from where I was born (which I will always consider my home), and even though I'm still fascinated by the many ventures that I've taken (I've lived in a few different countries and have traveled extensively throughout the US), there really is no place like home. As persistent as I've tried to be escaping home, it always still draws me back with some sort of invisible force created by my memories. Trying to separate that seed from the tree is a very futile and meaningless event. I've always looked at those who chose to live close to the place where their favorite childhood memories were birthed and didn't really understand how these people didn't move on. Now, I can say that I understand and sympathize with those individuals.

Let's keep in mind that our home is truly where the heart is, and being surrounded by those that you love and those that love you defines home. I'd like to pay homage to that feeling of belonging and yearning that is created by a special place within this universe that you choose to let a part of you mind and soul to surrender. This could be anywhere for anyone, and every single spot is unique to its occupant. Take this music to drift to the place that you call home, either physically or mentally. 

For this session, I've interlaced the selections with familiar sounds of my happy home, past and present. Use this tapestry to return to the good times that exist within your mind and embark on a journey that takes you to the the front door of sacred and treasured events that made you the unique person that you are today.

Turn on, tune in, sleep...



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