Spaceman’s Transmissions (Ambient Music Podcast)

Ambient music podcast for the masses during their interplanetary explorations both mentally and physically. Download the mixes, turn on, tune in, sleep…

unveiling your universe

May 14th, 2016




**reboot transmission**


Hello, fellow space travelers. The mental space pod is still in need of extreme re-calibration and its navigation system was recalled. We had wandered off course to various destinations that were setbacks in our initial mission, but were necessary to insuring that future explorations would be warranted and successful. We have now set on a course to break through the atmosphere and gravity that binds us to earthly turmoil and terrible things called responsibilities. With our new course underway, Spaceman's Transmissions seeks to circumvent any unnecessary diversions brought on by various hindrances. This is a temporary journey, but one that was required due to the extremely inspiring colors that had drifted into focus.

Please ensure that your entire body is in a comfortable position that allows for maximum cerebral intake of color, light, sound, and vibe. You'll notice that there are no restraints within the mind-pod that will house you for your journey that we will embark upon. Rather, there are suggestive measures that one should keep an open mind to take in beauty and solace to enhance the experience of this soundtrack. This session is designed for entering a state of mental orbiting that will take us to places that you've abandoned or forgotten. This offering of sonic morsels was not designed with anyone in mind but you, dear listener.

This creation of meticulously crafted sonic wallpaper is one that is to assist you in reclaiming your cerebral galaxy and reforming it to enhance your creative life with clarity, focus, renewal, and ambition. Take it in, and feed the hunger that can only be satisfied with sound.

Thanks for your support, and I hope that this flight will create the vibe that you are in need of.

Turn on, tune in, sleep...


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