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guest mix: the silent project (part III)

September 15, 2014

I've been dragging my feet on this way too long as I've been wrapping things up on my latest release, I've been on tour, and I'm taking a class on technical business writing that is keeping my mind humming. Now I'm ready to bring you one of the most amazing pieces of ambient- and mood-enhanced sonic pleasures brought to you by none other than THE SILENT PROJECT


MÉANDRES by The Silent Project is the new standard by which all mixes will (and should be) measured up to. It becomes increasingly difficult for many (myself included) to not be humbled by such a perfect piece that is laid out so logically, with each color lining up to set up the next. It's almost depressing to hear something so above and beyond that will inevitably send me back to the drawing board wondering how I could even hold a match to one of the greatest things ever. the opening is dark, and the gravitational pull of it takes in your full mental awareness, twisting your mind around and around while dropping bits of shadow and light onto it without stopping its momentum.

I've very elated that Greg (aka The Silent Project) found some of the finest music and engaged his creative mind to mix a set that is one of the heaviest I've come across. Guys like SILASFACTION, and The Silent Project are listening not only to music all day long, but sounds as well. I can imagine that these guys are taking everything in all the time, probably writing ideas on napkins, and investing mental energy into finding the right elements to take us on hour-long journeys to our mind's ether. Listening to their stories unwind is not unlike listening to a good Pink Floyd (it's all good) album. In short: I'm humbled by this and it makes me feel proud!

Please take the time to listen and enjoy this beautiful outing by one of my favorite mixers on Mixcloud. Show the Silent Project the love on his MIXCLOUD page, his SOUNDCLOUD page, and by all means, his BANDCAMP page. Also, follow him on FACEBOOK for more tranquil and meaningful mixes. Peace.

turn on, tune in, sleep...

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