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May 22, 2014

guest mix: silas (part II)

It seems as though the best mixes that I come across happen when I should be in bed, and have a lot of stressful stuff on my mind. Those mixes seem to break through the ice of turmoil, keep me awake in anticipation, and cause me to drift into the scene that they've created. There are checkpoints within the flow that develop themes and alter moods on a whim. With my mind engaged, I am able to reassess the balance of negative and positive vibe, and more often than not, I realize that music is just a great big part of my life that permeates my soul like a sponge picking up water. I am the sponge. I want you to be the sponge. Or something like that.


I cannot express the feeling that I get from listening to SILAS' newest mix entitled SCORE ONE. Every song has got me digging through the track listing, searching the artists, and eager to flesh out my music collection with new sonic morsels. There are points within the mix that seem to almost dissolve, surrounding delicate sounds with dissipating clouds of tones. While it would seem like the mix could end (and it would be perfect as it was), Silas picks it up, fills it out, and brings the whole thing back to life as if he were blowing up a balloon. And the world begins anew for another ride. If Silas had just made only BREATHWORK and Score One, I would easily have said that he was above and beyond one of the best at doing what he and his peers do, but with a larger wealth of music than most, and a much better sense of how to connect the dots than the rest of us. Ah, jealousy sets in! Hahaha!

So, without running on too much about it, I am so very proud to be presenting my pick for one of the best mixes that I've run across (I've listened to many, even incognito), or at least in the top 5 (with Breathwork also being in the top 5). Not everyone might agree with that statement, but I believe that warranting a listen to Score One will put a smile on your face, with the realization that you've come across a soundtrack that is waiting for unbelievable things to happen around it. Be inspired by this, and if you're like me, let this mix will invigorate your mind out of its fog, realizing the true power of music and mixes done right. Pay Silas a visit on his MIXCLOUD page, Peace.

turn on, tune in, sleep...

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