Spaceman’s Transmissions (Ambient Music Podcast) By Tonepoet

Ambient music podcast for the masses during their interplanetary explorations both mentally and physically. Download the mixes, turn on, tune in, sleep…

guest mix: dj seroton

June 14th, 2015


The family of ambient mixers all come from a common thread, and a core belief of us all is that music has the capacity to be a moving and uplifting force. We create moments within a wide range of color and sound through what others have done. Our goal is to give your thoughts a place to go, letting the negative vibe that forms the dark cloud around you to be lifted and released, even if only for a moment. 

In discovering DJ Seroton (short for serotonin, a very fitting moniker), I found those moments within his mixes. What initially captured my ear were his monumental ambient structures (aptly named as the Drifter sets). But to rest his laurels on just one type of music to mix, he also hosts additionally phenomenal sets within separate series called Unwind (chillout music) and Trance Nhancements (vocal and uplifting trance. I caught wind of his mixes and was guided to his website, which is so very well done, informative, and impressive to say the least. Needless to say, we've developed a few collaborations. I'm really stoked by what he's stirred up in the pot for me to finish and will be posting our mixes in the near future. In the meantime, I'm very happy to be hosting my favorite mix from his Drifter Series. 

You can find out more by catching DJ Seroton at his WEBSITE (, his SOUNDCLOUD ( page, and gathering some mandatory streaming listens through his main MIXCLOUD page. Don't forget to add him on FACEBOOK ( and follow him on TWITTER ( for essential updates on this mix-minded musical chameleon. Peace.

turn on, tune in, sleep...

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