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camping under the stars, volume 2 (renewal)

June 3rd, 2015


I've been pretty busy lately, and taking in lots of good weather, good bike rides (which gives me ample time to catch up on a backlog of listening), and ushering in the spring/summer vibe that is unfolding. I have bought and heard a lot of really good music from Bandcamp lately, and it has ultimately inspired me to create a second volume to honor this gold mine of independent artists. I have been so very elated to get new music and let it creep into my mind that I felt that it had to be shared with all of the qualified travelers of the sonic realm. I purposely sought to assemble this journey with absolute respect to what the artist has offered, and I hope that my intentions are sincere in this respect.

I am confident that this mix will be a perfect companion for nights of stargazing or waking moments of daydreaming. It has been meticulously crafted with the finest sonic glue possible, each moment carefully prepared to be delivered in the most thought provoking manner. I do have a few alibis in this mix. First, I was approached by session ace MATT STANFIELD and given music (which is not on Bandcamp) and there was no way that I couldn't use two excerpts from his release HOMECOMING . The other is that I was directed to an artist named AN IMAGINAL SPACE whose song SILENT VOICES made such a huge impact upon me that I couldn't not use it. Thanks to SLOW DEEP BREATH for posting the video on Google+ for me to witness.

To access the links of the artists' releases where the music can be purchased, please visit I urge you to pay the artists a visit to take in the beautiful art that they've created. Many huge thanks to the artists for creating the magic. Show them the love.

By all means, if you are reading this and you are an artist that would like your music to try and reach anyone, I would be honored for submissions that could grace future podcasts. You can reach me at the email address listed towards the bottom of the WHO, WHAT, WHY page on Spaceman's Transmissions. I love making the musical connections and hearing from everyone that occupies the sonic universe that we share. Enjoy your journey. Peace.

turn on, tune in, sleep...

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