Spaceman’s Transmissions By Tonepoet (Ambient Music To Sleep, Relax & Meditate)
a human being is a human dreaming

a human being is a human dreaming

December 9, 2014

Hello, fellow space travelers. I'm back with a new ambient mix of some great things that I've been getting into my head lately. First off, I want to express the fact that I took the title for this mix from the song of the same title by Maiya Heresy from FUTURESEQUENCE8 (which is included in this mix. Great title, amazing composition.


When the music begins to drift into your mental space, allow it to form the cloudy blanket that will encompass your good thoughts and filter out the negative turmoil. This incubating layer will form the egg that will eventually hatch your renewal into peace. The aural comfort that you seek will be placed gently upon your physical vessel (known as the human being). Allow your mind to immerse itself into the dream world that awaits. The sanctuary there will breathe new life into your soul and spur a regeneration of creative thoughts, ideas, and tranquility. This is when you truly become the human dreaming. Upon completion of this sequence, this mission will be considered a success.

turn on, tune in, sleep...

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