Dec 17, 2016

mental drift vol. 1

Greetings, voyagers. Today we'll undertake an eventful journey that is geared towards getting our minds properly adjusted for creativity and peace. All I ask you for, dear listener, is just roughly an hour of your time. If possible, the use of headphones or ear buds is recommended to separate the existing physical world (which can at times deliver too much chaos and disruption) from the cerebral world. It is within this cerebral world that you will realize your potential and emerge from your cocoon with reestablished purpose and clarity. You might not realize it, but this small space between your ears holds a galaxy that is unique and vibrant. Feed it with food of color and sound.

The caring 24-7 staff at Spaceman's Transmissions have worked diligently on this session, ensuring that it is calibrated to the highest degree. We understand that this can be a continuous process, and therefore have designated this first journey as 'Vol. 1'. More required sessions will follow points in time with each session beginning where the last one left off. The sessions will be sporadic and unannounced.  Always be ready.

Find your peace within this turbulent world, and take in the new vibes that are presented in this colorful aural package. When you need to escape the physical world and its taxing requirements, please rest assured that this session will always be here to guide you into a new world of solace and comfort. This underlying sentiment is the basis of our mission statement. 

Turn on, tune in, sleep...




Oct 29, 2016

ode to the cosmic voyager


Now that we've managed to take in some new sights and sounds on our last detour, we must once again aboard the space pod for another dimensional thrust into galaxies of wonder and solace. Mental calibration is essential for a successful journey. Below are instructions for getting the most out of this particular session.

You may perhaps notice that there are gradual shifts from one color to another, with each color representing a point of interest in our journey. Embrace these transformations with your mind's eye as this will create a backdrop of creative flow and a better understanding of those situations which impede your creativity. Your pilot for this journey will relay vital information that should not so much be heard as it is felt. Adjust accordingly.

Every mission at Spaceman's Transmissions is executed  first and foremost with the consideration to its listeners. Each individual's aural perception is dependent upon the magnitude of their surrender to the sonic tapestries. It is suggested that you do not operate heavy machinery when taking in this session in particular. Those susceptible to more gravitational pull within their minds and a wider mental galaxy in which to spread the music will benefit at a much higher rate. This is guaranteed. 

Please enjoy responsibly, and spread the word of Spaceman's Transmissions. Thanks for your choosing to travel with us, and please keep us in mind for your next intra- and inter-stellar voyage. Peace.

Turn on, tune in, sleep...






Sep 30, 2016

music for stargazers (a tribute to hydrogen cafe)

Quite a while ago, as a few might remember, was an amazing ambient mix blog entitled 'HYDROGEN CAFE'. Actually, it's (kind of) still there (inactivated in 2010). There was a bit of a faithful following, and it was this blog as well as LOW LIGHT MIXES that set me on my way. When I was living in Alaska, I yearned for the moments in the dead of winter in which I would play these mixes and watch the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) dance in the sky. My favorite mixes were the 'Music For Stargazing' sessions, and they accompanied in my night time slumber when I was left to exercise my stargazing sessions within my mind. 

Stargaze3.jpgThis is my tribute to the elusive 'nrvnet' who curated the site and brought me many hours of solace and wonder. Wherever you are out there in cyberspace, thank you for your vision and inspiration. I hope that this mix will inspire you, the listener, to do something that you love and enjoy, and realize that your actions make a bigger impact upon people that seek guidance and find solace and joy within sounds and color.

Now that the days are sadly getting shorter and our daylight is decreasing, we should still find reasons to celebrate our journey on Mother Earth. Use this music for just that purpose. Delve into the universe that exists within a very small plane: the space between your ears. 

Turn on, tune in, sleep... 


Aug 7, 2016

when night meets light

Today we're honoring those precious moments that exists between sleeping and waking. This tiny sensation might seem unimportant, but it is a very delicately balanced phenomena  that requires your investment. The mission here is to usher in the day and to wind the gears of your waking mind, while allowing a passage that melds the sleeping and waking, as well as night to day. Spaceman's Transmissions is dedicated to providing the optimal amount of aural care that is required so as to not disrupt a good mental flow that is required to set the listeners up for success.

Cosmic_Sunrise_III.jpgDuring this session, we will move within tapestries of solace and bliss. This will simulate those moments between sleeping and waking and your reentry into the waking world will be a smooth journey. Or your money back. 

As you feel each color melding into another, realize that you are secure in the blanket of tranquility. Know that our journey is a temporary transition from one state to another, and be comforted that Spaceman's Transmissions is a trusted source of travel among the cosmos. Our proven track record will attest to that.

Make sure that your mind's eye is calibrated to take beautiful photos of the mental galaxy that will be the backdrop during your journey. These images will comfort you when the waking day is a stressful and turbulent reality. Reflect on the beauty and creativity that makes you a unique and interesting soul. 


Turn on, tune in, sleep...


Jun 22, 2016

once we reach the other side


Let's prepare for a journey into the realm of summer by celebrating the solstice (which was, by the way, the 21st of June). It was officially the longest day of the year and the midway point in summer. This means that, unfortunately, the days will begin to get shorter. Knowing this,, I've toiled in developing a colorful scene to ease you into the remaining warm months, aware of the importance of aligning and balancing your conscious thoughts within your subconscious mind. Every step was taken to assure that your entry into a mental overhaul is optimal.

Summer is by far my favorite time of the year. It brings and energy and renewal that I've been yearning for a very long time. Even with things not completely going my way, Mother Earth has a way of shining a light upon the turmoil that may exist and depletes my anguish. If there is one small tribute that I can muster, it's this. 

Thank you for your outpouring support, and keep supporting the artists that provide us with amazingly colorful journeys into their world. Tell them that tonepoet sent you.


Turn on, tune in, sleep...


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