guest mix: spinnet

September 28th, 2015

Welcome to another episode of Spaceman's Transmissions. As your host, I'm responsible for providing a very intensely tranquil journey to those places in your mind that wake your imaginative synapses and clear the fog. With this latest guest mix, I'm confident that we will accomplish this.


I have graciously received a session a (very long) while back from a DJ named 
SPINNET who hails from Greece. While I had many things to deal with this summer, I am finally able to get this mix out to the world, and extremely happy to do so. If you are craving deep space that nonetheless draws you into a universe of minimal soundscapes but still leave your harmonic indulgences satisfied, you've come to the right place. Spinnet is another crafty DJ that is adept at finding perfect balances between 'felt' pulses and tapestries of melodic flow. Listening to his session brings a sense of Steve Roach-ish vibe balanced with subtle Global Communication colors. To top it off, I'm really digging on his editing and shifting of mood color. This mix will serve not only as background music but equally as foreground. Some of the best mixes that I get have me pulling the headphones off as I think that something is going on outside, as if my ears have tricked my mind into diving almost too deep. That's the way I like it.

Spinnet has been toying with audio software and music synthesis since 2007 as both a solo venture and with like-minded friends. Several projects have taken form by his experimentation with various styles and moods of (mostly) electronic music over the years, and his solo project (SPINNET) is birthed from all that has inspired and moved him. Usually (but not always), this translates to atmospheric and dubby grooves that were influenced by breakbeat culture. FABRICS (a collaborative project), on the other hand, consists of darker, colder, and often experimental material that is influenced by industrial aesthetics and techno culture. ONE ARC DEGREE is almost the opposite; and emotive project that builds on the melodic expressions of chillout and trance origins. Lastly, his most recent collaborative project entitled SPACE SCAVENGERS is based on the theme of sci-fi and seeks to create a futuristic representation with dub elements. You could say that Spinnet's output is nearly staggering, and his love for all things musical is reflected in what he creates. Releases of these projects can be found on music labels such as V.I.M., Deep Garnet, Ultimae, Microcosmos, From A Tree, Audio Theory, Assembly Field, and soon on Iboga, Cold Tear Records, and Blue Tunes Records (and more!). 

I offer you Empty As Universe; the perfect vibe for space travelers and souls seeking mind expansion. A very beautiful mix from an amazingly accomplished individual. Thank, Spinnet, for allowing me to present your beautiful session with the world. You can get more updates from Spinnet from his FACEBOOK page, on DISCOGS, as well as on HEARTHIS.AT.

Turn on, tune in, sleep (while traveling peacefully through space)...

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guest mix: chasing sleep

September 10th, 2015

It's not often (enough) that I get gifted with exclusive mixes that come from individual DJ's that seem to catch wind of Spaceman's Transmissions and honor this site by desiring to be a part of the ambient family. CHASING SLEEP (Scott Nyce) is actually one of those rare few, and I'm extremely blown away by the set that he sent in. I actually got my first full listen on a bike ride in July and actually got goosebumps about 6 miles into the ride (didn't realize that this was possible, given that it was close to 100 degrees outside). Now that's an indication of a killer set. While I'm not always about publishing beats (with the exception of a few that bring it in nicely, such as FACTION), Scott balances the beat with the beatless and his ability to glue his elements together create a gravity that is as intense as it is beautiful. He is able to still keep alternating profiles active: as a dance/bass music DJ (Headunit), one of more ambient/minimal/experimental structure (Chasing Sleep), and as Scott Nyce when DJ'ing sets. Such a mix like this can only come from a chameleon-like DJ that strives to be prolific in all things musical and whose accomplishments are monumental. That said, it is indeed Scott who manages to bring his depth of experience into presenting this unreal set of sounds to your ears. Here's what Scott had to say (I chose to do very little editing as his story is a fascinating read!): 

8607.jpg'As a DJ, I have been spinning Drum and Bass since 1997 and have been throwing parties since 1998. I have been actively supporting all sorts of musical events since around 1995. I've been experimenting in music production and engineering since around the early part of 2000. When I'm producing, I usually use different monikers. Headunit (which at one point was dance/bass music related), Chasing Sleep (for the ambient/minimal/experimental side of things), and Jump Static (strictly Drum And Bass material). When I'm out doing DJ sets, it's just Scott Nyce.  I suppose I've been heavily involved in all things "underground and obscure" since I was a young boy, especially when it came to music. Between the ages of 12 and 14, I was promoting for metal/death metal shows both local, and across the tri-state area. I think I discovered electronic music shortly before turning 15, and for the next 2 years I quietly jumped from party to party, "trainspotting" DJ's and observing rave culture, becoming more and more saturated in electronic music as each day passed. At the age of 16, I discovered the early sounds of breakbeat hardcore; the earliest form of Drum And Bass/Jungle. Even by then it had already evolved. At the age of 17, I decided to buy a pair of turntables to learn how to spin. It wasn't long after that I decided to start throwing my own local parties. I guess it wasn't more than a year and a half later that I started getting booked to spin drum and bass at shows all over the tri-state area and even Canada, opening and performing next to artists such as Ray Keith, Dj SS, Dieselboy, Storm(UK), among quite a few others I would've have never expected. In the early part of 2000, I bought a bit of studio gear and started to "dabble" everything from various genres dance music, to ambient and score work. As a DJ, it's been nice to have the privilege to meet so many different people and play events both big and small. Over the years I've done everything from house parties and rental halls, to beaches, parking garages and major music and arts festivals. Nowadays I think music is a lot more personal for me....but we'll see I guess. I mean outside of being a Dad, I really don't do anything else with my spare time for the most part.

The music I produce under the Chasing Sleep moniker started as a way for me to express certain personal struggles through music but without using conventional formulas or boundaries. Most of my ideas as Chasing Sleep come to me in the deep middle of the night, often while fading in and out of Hypnagogia. As difficult as it so often is for me to get a full night's sleep, I have come learn that ambient music can provide some of the best medicine for insomnia. I started listening to ambient/minimal/drone music at bedtime about 12 years ago, and I haven't went a single night without it since regardless of whether I sleep or not.. Even if I'm away from home, I find a way to make sure it's on. My young son has even become so accustomed to it in my home at bedtime that even he asks for certain pieces of music.

For Chasing Sleep, his mix is the final finished product of an ongoing personal experiment in more obscure and experimental music. The music contained within this mix, as well as the mix itself, are a personal reflection of what it often feels like when fading between one dream and the next as he so often struggles with sleep. Check out more musical creations from Scott Nyce's many profiles on his SOUNDCLOUD page, or stream from his MIXCRATE page and MIXCLOUD page. Feel free to kick back, fade out and enjoy. Catch updates from Chasing Sleep via his  FACEBOOK page. 

Turn on, tune in, have mind blown...

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echoes of a silent ocean

September 3rd, 2015


I have waited so very long to do a tribute to the one entity that I admire more than anything in the world: the ocean. I was born in a beach town, and have never stopped being in awe at the power, beauty, and intensity of the ocean. It can be soothing and tranquil entity just as easily as it can be a cold, dark killer. For this reason, the seas have a rightful warrant to our respect. With this mix, I was fortunate in a few ways to have found some truly great music and have so many textures that I believe encompass the scope of the ocean. The music here reflects everything that the ocean represents to me from still, deep colors to its turbulent and dark contrasts. First and foremost, though, I need to give a huge thanks to ADRIEN SIFRE ('Fotografik33' on Flickr) for graciously allowing me to use his photo 'Wharf Variation 6' for this episode. The photo was very inspirational in helping me to create the perfect vibe to accompany it. You can find more of his amazing photos HERE ( Thanks, Adrien!

Whoever (and wherever) you are out there, I hope that your journey with Spaceman's Transmissions is something that really put great things into perspective for you. I will continue to seek and create inspirational and uplifting vibes that speak to you. I hope to not only give you new music to check out, but also sit comfortably within your soul to light dark paths when you need it. Those are my updated terms and conditions (ha!). Thanks for tuning in when you can. Peace.

Turn on, tune in, sleep...

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as the world comes into focus (collaboration with dj seroton)

August 8th, 2015

Now that we are fully into summer, I have regained my full momentum of enjoying the ride on Mother Earth's forgiving surface. I've made sure that the necessary pieces of my life's puzzle have been put together with precision (Tuned up the bike for amazing rides? Check. Bought new Frisbees? Check. Got supplies to fly kites with the kids and made sure the bubble machines had fresh batteries? Check and check.). Completing vitals tasks such as this allow me to get my head right with some great musical interludes.


I created the 3 prior mixes in the span of a few days in very early January, as I knew that the winter for me would be terrible. And it was. It was full of homework, and non-stop travel to the snowiest places in the US at the time (I was HERE during this time), and traveling through the mid-West during equally terrible weather for the entire month of March (spending my birthday on tour, bleh.). During that time, I didn't take in too much new music, but did release WE'VE COME UNDONE. This allowed me to take that money earned and buy new music off of Bandcamp which really got my mind in motion for new sounds. So I'm presenting a lot of new music bought there in this mix, and I hope that you like it. But enough about that.

While a simple mix from myself would seem sufficient, having the partnership with the humbling DJ SEROTON is one thing that pushes this mix far over the edge. I was fortunate to be given the opportunity to create 2 mixes with him (the other is DRIFTER VOL. 6). For this particular mix, I stirred up the first half of the set, and he countered my vision with an unparalleled mix of intensity, beauty, and authority. It's really nice to have someone enhance my intentions and gives a fresh vibe to the set. The unpredictability of the outcome is what provides inspiration smiles. Not only is DJ Seroton such a very cool guy and like-minded music aficionado, but his production standards of both his art and presentation are of the highest standards. I really felt that I should do my best so as to really raise the standard of what we both could offer our peace seeking listeners. I'm very confident that together we have woven the perfect texture of sound and color; using light as glue and sealing it all in a consumable format for your mind and ears.

My hope is that the music brings you a sense of solitude and elation. Feel free to use the music any time you need those sensations. Peace.

Turn on, tune in, sleep...

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drifter v6 (collaboration with dj seroton)

July 15th, 2015


I'm really pleased and honored to be able to present a collaborative mix (the first of two that we have planned) between DJ SEROTON and myself that will grace his DRIFTER SERIES  sessions. These series of mixes are probably the best that I've come across in quite a while so I'm really stoked to be a part of this. I'm inspired by him not only musically, but also by his professionalism and presentation. You could definitely say that this is his testament to the music that he loves as well as his artistic approach to creating sessions. 

Music speaks across boundaries of time, distance, and language, and what we present here is proof of that. We had some really great communication in getting this together (thankfully in English, I appreciate that, man!) and our mindsets were in line with each other in that we wanted to construct a seamless journey for your mind to bathe itself within. In creating this mix, we became completely taken in by each others concepts, and that friendly competition only stoked a passion to deliver our finest moments to your ears. We truly believe that we accomplished this.

This first of two parts that we created is appropriately titled Drifter V6 as it continues to build upon the epic sessions that DJ Seroton has founded. In the track listing below, I made it evident how the mix was divided up with DJ Seroton covering the first half and me countering his vision.

I can't thank DJ Serton enough for having the same passion that I do for creating ambient sessions, and for being such an approachable guy in the entire process so that our vision could be felt by the listeners. Show him the love by checking out more stunning mixes on his WEBSITE, his SOUNDCLOUD page, and make sure to follow him on TWITTER and FACEBOOK. Take it all in. Peace.

Turn on, tune in, sleep...

Listen Now:

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