guest mix: the pliability effect

November 18th, 2014

If there's one person that I follow and read up through on Bandcamp, it's none other than THE PLIABILITY EFFECT aka Brian Bourassa. I get emails every now and then letting me know who's bought music, and Brian's name is always there. He's my go-to guy as far as getting the pulse on new ambient and I've made a few purchases based on what I read from Brian. Before I even hear the music, Brian's reviews have already painted a beautiful picture of what's in store by way of his amazingly generous and colorful reviews. In fact, when I did the mix Camping Under The Stars, I gave a shout out to Brian in hopes that he would help me in putting together a mix. I finally get my wish!

For some strange reason, Brian got around to contacting me and setting me up with a release that was on my wishlist on Bandcamp (thanks for that, man!). We chatted it up a bit, and I expressed the offer to host a mix for him (he had never done one). I mean, who better would be suited to drive home the point of 'Turn on, tune in, sleep...' more than a gentleman who lives and breathes drone-based ambient music (and proves this weekly to the many people that follow him on Bandcamp). I won't lie, the first initial test mix he sent put me completely under! Brian knows how to weave, and with this mix, he's shown himself to be the Pied Piper that leads you to that place. It's funny, but he just took me back to my roots of ambient, and am I ever thankful. He's picking soundscapes from the tree of ambient, breathing life into his creation, and delicately serving the most gentle sounds to get your head right. This mix will live bedside for a very, very long time. I asked Brian to set the record straight on his story, and being the minimalist aficionado that he is, he provided a very appropriately satisfying response without wasted thoughts or words. Truly magic.

"A DJ I wasn't, and am now not either. But ever since the seventies when the cassette tape recorder became affordable to the masses, and the Maxell UD-XL II recording tapes stormed the market, a new mode of music listening was born. My friends and I were constantly recording albums and exchanging them, and cassette tape mixes were a great way to create our very own 'Best Of' recordings. From there, the multi-group tapes followed on into the mixes of narration and music. I'd create mock radio station mixes to send to a friend overseas. One side of the tape was a synopsis of what was going on in my life here in the States, the second side was the music. Balancing the mood and flow of the music throughout the tape was important so as to keep the listener alert and attentive."

Could The Pliability Effect be the first podcast? Quite possibly. I'll vote a confident 'yes' on that one. I'm truly happy to have gotten Brian to create and share his first mix in the digital world. I'm really looking forward to having Brian do a few more mixes in the future, as well as do a few very small write-ups on his monthly favorite purchases. Thank you so very much, Mr. Bourassa, for allowing me to be a part of hosting such a beautifully peaceful and uplifting amalgamation of sound. To all of the listeners, enjoy the amazing mix of 're-Generate' courtesy of The Pliability Effect. Visit Spaceman's Transmissions ( to view the track listing (the artists' names are alive with links to their releases). Peace.

Turn on, tune in, sleep...

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on the threshold of letting go

November 16th, 2014

I've been on tour for a bit, but I'm happy to be able to bring a new mix to the masses. I've managed to piece together an amalgamation of songs that will unlock the creative door to your mind's inner workings. This will give you greater control over the creative juices that color your life and define you as a human being. While we may not realize it, our mind is the key to the universe. When the gravity of situations bear down upon your mind and soul, that only you can unlock. Within that mental space that only you occupy, keep the things in life that bring you peace and solace within a world that is riddled with turmoil, confusion, and anguish. Your mental universe is much bigger than the world that we know. When the weight of burden and obligatiMemoriesIV.jpgon threaten to crush your creativity, energy, and willingness, realize that you are stronger and better than the situations that surround you.

As Buddha stated, "your mind is everything; what you think you become; we are shaped by our thoughts and we become what we think; when the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves." Keep these words in mind as you soak up this mix. My wish is that this music gets your head in a creative space that allows you the ample time that it needs to divert the negativity within your life. Seek a higher place, a higher love, and put faith in things greater than yourself to achieve your dreams. Peace.




turn on, tune in, sleep...


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guest mix: the silent project (part III)

September 15th, 2014

I've been dragging my feet on this way too long as I've been wrapping things up on my latest release, I've been on tour, and I'm taking a class on technical business writing that is keeping my mind humming. Now I'm ready to bring you one of the most amazing pieces of ambient- and mood-enhanced sonic pleasures brought to you by none other than THE SILENT PROJECT

MÉANDRES by The Silent Project is the new standard by which all mixes will (and should be) measured up to. It becomes increasingly difficult for many (myself included) to not be humbled by such a perfect piece that is laid out so logically, with each color lining up to set up the next. It's almost depressing to hear something so above and beyond that will inevitably send me back to the drawing board wondering how I could even hold a match to one of the greatest things ever. the opening is dark, and the gravitational pull of it takes in your full mental awareness, twisting your mind around and around while dropping bits of shadow and light onto it without stopping its momentum.

I've very elated that Greg (aka The Silent Project) found some of the finest music and engaged his creative mind to mix a set that is one of the heaviest I've come across. Guys like SILASFACTION, and The Silent Project are listening not only to music all day long, but sounds as well. I can imagine that these guys are taking everything in all the time, probably writing ideas on napkins, and investing mental energy into finding the right elements to take us on hour-long journeys to our mind's ether. Listening to their stories unwind is not unlike listening to a good Pink Floyd (it's all good) album. In short: I'm humbled by this and it makes me feel proud!

Please take the time to listen and enjoy this beautiful outing by one of my favorite mixers on Mixcloud. Show the Silent Project the love on his MIXCLOUD page, his SOUNDCLOUD page, and by all means, his BANDCAMP page. Also, follow him on FACEBOOK for more tranquil and meaningful mixes. Peace.

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from the darkness comes light

September 10th, 2014

I've been tuning into a lot of new music lately, and catching some speeches by Neil deGrasse Tyson (whose voice appears in the intro of this mix) who is somewhat of an astronomy genius. Very deep mind. I wanted to put a bit of the new music into this mix (as well as some familiar faces that have graced Spaceman's Transmissions in the past like Ben Woods [my favorite], Hammock, and, well, a few original compositions). I want to point you to Ben Woods' BANDCAMP page ( as I lean on him heavily to create the mixes that I do. Also, you can download the original composition that I did with Petal from the Rusted Sun Collective BANDCAMP page ( Additionally, you can find my latest release on BANDCAMP ( that I just released TODAY!

Much like the mix 'In The Midst Of A Dim Glow', this mix is for those quiet moments before or after your nightly slumber with the dual purpose of either setting you down gently or lifting you up ever so slowly. It is safe with most medications, and you may operate heavy machinery at your will (although I would advise against it).

As you begin to let your mind go, have faith in the music guide to the right mental place. Erase the negative energy that burdens your grey matter, as no one's problems can be solved in one hour. Instead, use this hour to find a better place for your soul, as it is a tiny amount of your time that allows your soul to calibrate. Peace.

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Turn on, tune in, sleep...

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guest mix: mantraman

August 17th, 2014

I'm proud to be bringing the music of MANTRAMAN to the masses for this outing on Spaceman's Transmissions. I've been digging on Mantraman's mixes for a bit now, and I finally get a chance to show the love. I've been blessed with having the opportunity to host 3 mixes (the 2 additional mixes are available at SPACEMAN'S TRANSMISSIONS:

Within his mixes you will find a colorful mindtrip of perfectly balanced moods, reflecting his quest for peace and solitude. Even his profile picture exudes tranquility and is the epitome of chill. When I'm in need of a deep mental massage or that escape pod that houses my turbulent mind for intergalactic travel, I look no further than Mantraman's mixes. His quest for the perfect mix to calibrate the soul is not without merit.

Mantraman (Paul Haynes) has a very musical background, having been the bass player in the early 80's indie-pop band INTIMACY that was based around Birmingham, England. Discovering ambient music would lead to the decline of performing live and the birth of his interest in creating, mixing, and producing the ambient music that permeated his soul. Paul's love for ambient music began when he first heard the Brian Eno & Harold Budd masterpiece PLATEAUX OF MIRROR in 1981, and the implosion of Intimacy in 1983 allowed him to finally begin following his muse. The motivation to spark his creative genesis was purely recreational and was meant as a way to make music that he wanted to listen to. Through the persuasion of a friend, he posted some of his music on LAST.FM, and this gave him the impetus to carry on. Although he claims that his music making tools are primitive (using basic MIDI software and Audacity), he nonetheless captures the essence of true ambien spirit. His first creations didn't even involve a keyboard, but rather using QWERTY and Cakewalk. One could say that his technological grasp for weaving sounds has evolved quite nicely. If there's one thing that Mantraman can admit about the whole ambient scene, it's that it's highly addictive and very time consuming. I can echo that. Unfortunately, that has left a lot less time for him to create new tapestries due to business commitments. I, and I'm sure I'm not alone, wish that Mantraman had more time to create and bless us with such beautiful sounds. Hopefully in the future (nudge, nudge).

For all of the eager listeners that crave peace, I've been given a 'go' on hosting 3 mixes by Mantraman. For some reason, I tend to gravitate to the mixes that have to do with the oceans or tidal ebb and flo. So I chosen to host THE LIGHTHOUSE TAPES (my favorite). I would be foolish to say that this is his best; they all are. The next one will be his best, and the one after that, and so on. Mantraman has created a gold mine of ambient mixes that I know the music lover will lose themselves in.

You can follow Mantraman on his MIXCLOUD page, follow him on TWITTER, and get updates on his creations on his LAST.FM and SOUNDCLOUD pages. Many, many thanks to Paul for allowing me to share his vision with everyone. To be able to access the active links which are not within the iTunes description as well as 2 additional download mixes (EVENTIDES and OTHER OCEANS), please visit Spaceman's Transmissions at Peace.

Turn on, tune in, sleep...

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