Jan 14, 2019

hibernation poems

Hello, fellow travelers of light and sound. It is I, Tonepoet, your host here at Spaceman's Transmissions and co-pilot of the pod that will once again allow us to drift above and beyond the real turmoil that exists all around us. It is with concentrated effort that we will construct a journey that glides on sound, far above and beyond the terminal frosting of our beloved Mother Earth. In fulfilling the suggested lighted path of our course, we will find that it gives us a rebirth of creative focus. Give yourself a mere hour on this flight to rise above the worldly concerns that prohibit our necessary flow that brings peace, comfort, and a sense of self-worth.

It is winter (for half of the world, and definitely where I am) right now. The days are shorter, the nights colder, and our bodies seek to adjust to new and unwelcome situations like frigidly uncomfortable hands and feet. As most might believe that the world is dying during this season, that assumption is far from the truth. Mother Earth is merely adding a coat of wax to her beautiful figure so that the journey through the blue starlit ether is a smooth one. Rather than lamenting on the process, let us celebrate this vital step that guarantees us a transformed shiny, new vessel that will sail us through the galaxy. Call it a necessary evil, but it is more likely a replenishing hibernation. Realizing that our drift is not to ignore the glorious event that is unfolding (that event called 'winter'), but rather an assessment of the value that it truly possesses. 

One last thing. This session, while calibrated for the period of winter solstice, is available and free for use in any season. Come back to it anytime you want, even if only as a reminder that there is a period of renewal that yields a brighter horizon. Peace.

Turn on, tune in, sleep...


(note: I lost all of my music a few weeks ago (thanks to a defective external hard drive) with the exception to what I have gathered in the last 1 1/2 years. Thanks to everyone that has sent me music since then, it is helping me stay afloat. Luckily, I uploaded some things to a few clouds that I was able to save. I will forge forward and promise much more content this year than last.)







Oct 5, 2018

dreamers, unite!

It's been a good while since I've had the opportunity to sit down and review a good bit of the music that I've been sent (thank you all for sending music, I've gotten so very much and it means a lot to me!). During that time, I've had to tend to some personal matters. This required a re-routing of my original destination in effort to assist wandering souls in calibrating their compasses to pinpoint and sustain an optimal voyage destination. It can sometimes feel as though it is a thankful task, but it never goes unnoticed. Touching the hearts and souls of others is and will always be the reward for which no monetary value can determine.

Throughout any turmoil from others as well as myself, I sought to lose myself within the colorful universe of our collectively cherished existence: the beauty and solace of music. Even now as I present to you my travel log that exposes my deepest thoughts, I am swimming deeply in an ocean that is created by swirling magical colors, riding a peaceful current of pillow-soft dreams, and capturing the visions that will never have capable words to describe them. It would be selfish of me to not break off a piece of this hypnotically beautiful confection to share with like-minded wandering travelers. Rather than to present raw ingredients without appropriate instructions, I relish that ability to package this experience into a digestible morsel for your ears and mind. This offering is certified organic and uses only the freshest ingredients for every palate to enjoy. And it's allergy-free!

This particular session is guaranteed to rearrange the mental clutter that is slowing your creative mind, all by attaching a saddle to your dreams and ambitions with the intent that you will guide that personal journey. Your grey matter is stronger than any computer that will ever be built, but it is also susceptible to way too much useless static. This static robs your synapses of ability and dirties up your creative thoughts, all while borrowing precious space within your mental universe that should otherwise be used for those things in life that truly inspire you. This mix is also a safeguard against the impending turmoil that creeps up like a dark foreboding cloud and seeks to light a path of illumination and resolution. 

Use this session as an awake or asleep time to collect, gather, and sort your clutter. Rearrange and recycle yourself, and keep the coals hot with inspiration. 








*shameless plug: I put out a new album and I'd love for you all to enjoy it. It can be found here: https://tonepoet.bandcamp.com/album/taking-flight or also on all streaming media (search 'tonepoet'). Remarks complete.




Jun 3, 2018

lullabies for the skyward soul

Let us gather up our mental baggage for a drop into the deep blue abyss of space. In undertaking this mission, our soul purpose is to sort out the tribulations of life that are weighing us down. As we sail into the cosmos, allow the weightlessness of space to assist you in gathering up and sorting the difficulties that you face into manageable statuses of priority. Tackle these situations with the determination that you will succeed in the task of putting them behind you with a closure of your desiring. Rely on those that have looked to you for guidance in such circumstances with the understanding that a team of cosmonauts will always outweigh the effectiveness of the sole traveler. Remember to return favor when they need you, and assure them of your gratitude with the gift of friendship.


This session will serve as your in-flight entertainment, and there is no additional cost for such an amenity aboard this flight. As the captain of this flight (that's me), your attendance as the co-pilot is greatly appreciated. Even with the controls manned by myself in this venture, you are nonetheless a very vital asset to this mission. Together, we will take on the obstacles that seek to sway the path and obstruct your success. Let us witness the cosmos in a way that is unique to each of us, taking in sights and sounds designed to renew our minds and souls.

Thanks for boarding this flight with me, I look to many more ventures together in the future. Keep on keepin' on. Peace.

Turn on, tune in, blast off...






May 10, 2018

lifting the fog

Now that springtime is here (and summer approaches), our beautiful Mother Earth is awakening and renewing once again to celebrate another rotation around the Sun. Where I live, the weather had maintained a winter chill that was abnormal. Although the trees are trying to sprout their leaves and the butterflies yearned to dance, the world around me was still clinging to jackets. The turbulent minds of many were clouded and not susceptible to witness the monumental event of Mother Earth's transformation. I ask you to step into this session in effort to escape to a place that exists full of your expectations of beauty and solace. Take that fog that burdens your mind and mutate it into a blanket of comfort and assurance.

I am aware that by the time this session hits your ears and mind, the weather will have already made a shift. But this is not about the weather, it is more about the chaotic events that swirl and envelope you in dire times which fabricate the mental fog that dulls our senses. As we spend this mere hour-ish amount of time to inwardly assess our current course aboard Mother Earth, we should not be bogged down by the negative pressure which seeks to compress and dissipate our desires, decisions, and wishes. Even when events don't work out in our favors, there is still something to be gained. Just as these events us forever who we are, it is in our best interest to find the why. This is to say that the outcome is not as important as the journey that brought us there. Savor the path, embrace the change, and refine yourself into the newer you that rises above the fog.

Turn on, tune in, sleep...






Mar 21, 2018

sleepers, awake!

We are slowly thawing out from winter's harsh sting, and with springtime upon us, it means that life is once again ready to begin flourishing with a renewal of beauty and wonder. Oh, how I relish the warmth and comfort of this ceremonial event when the days becoming longer and Mother Earth sings us lullabies of being alive! To show my gratitude to this celebration, I toiled in creating the perfect backdrop to welcome this festively monumental recycling of the beauty that we are rewarded that is all around us. Use this session to realize and appreciate Mother Earth's selfless service in delivering us another year in which to look backwards as well as forwards in an effort to perceive the magnitude of life which we should appreciate.

It must be noted, that this session is not meant to wake the soul from a slumber (that is never the sole mission of Spaceman's Transmissions), but rather to greet our waking Mother Earth with the commemoration of rebirth. You may rest easy, dear listener, and take comfort in knowing that our mission here is not being altered or misaligned. Do not emerge from your position of solace and mental prosperity with some alerted sense of discomfort. Rather, envelope your aura with a greater sense of solace in knowing that Mother Earth is providing a venture for you as your travel on her back. 

In posting this particular session, I wanted to bring to light an amazing release that is a required item for every library. I chose to purposely open and close this mix with songs from Colliding Galaxies' release FIRST CONTACT. It is an unbelievably incredible album that I highly recommend. It is a pay-what-you-want release, can't beat that. Do yourself a favor and check this artist out. Solid releases from an astounding new artist, I'll be sure to keep up with him and keep sharing the love.

Turn on, tune in, respect and honor Mother Earth...






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