Spaceman’s Transmissions By Tonepoet (Ambient Music To Sleep, Relax & Meditate)
guest mix: junkyard angel (part IV)

guest mix: junkyard angel (part IV)

March 27, 2014

It goes without saying that I'm a huge fan and follower of Paul Simmonds aka JUNKYARD ANGEL. Every time I find out that he's posted a new mix, I have to play WAY ahead to prepare the uninterrupted space in which to take in the flow of his vision. If I'm bothered in the least bit during one of his mixes, it upsets the life cycle of his mix and takes me back to square one. That's not cool. But when I do finally settle down to take it all in, he puts me in a time machine where time has stood still for the entire listening session. Voodoo? Maybe.


For the listening pleasure of those that seek an aural journey, I was blessed by JA to host this mix. Within the first few minutes, I hear many familiar sounds that are twisted, cut, and reassembled into his latest cinematic concoction entitled THE BLACK STAR TRANSMISSIONS

I could go on and on further and further about how this is an amazing mix, but with JA I really don't need to. His mixes speak for themselves. And by speaking I mean shouting from mountaintops. More of the joy of hearing his mixes is sharing his mixes. That's where I come in.

Thanks, JA, for letting me be a part of supporting your amazing creative vision in crafting mixes. 

turn on, tune in, sleep...

i hear the colors

i hear the colors

March 2, 2014

Fresh and hot off the presses comes tasty new sounds for the mental space travelers that need some colorful and harmonically charged transitions and segues for their life's soundtrack. For this mix, I found a way to put together a lot of things that have been really getting my attention lately. I also worked with getting some samples from the FREESOUND site (that I've used on various original projects). 

There are many things throughout the day that we hear and take for granted. The many sounds that we hear provide our day with color, experiences, moments, and memory. We are influenced by what we hear our whole lives, whether it's music, communication, sounds, or what-have-you. The music here represents to the beautiful colors that I've managed to be fortunate enough to have taken in within the last few months. I'm gifting this aural experience to you, the listener.

Take in the colors of this mix. Use this to transition you from the cold and unforgiving grey of Winter to the lush and welcoming green of Spring. Allow these sonic colors prepare your mind and soul for an enlightening journey to the ether of solitude and imagination.

Shameless promotion time: there is a track from me that I composed with a single guitar string (pitch shifted and layered) as the last track (I Wish That You Would Breathe Life Into Me). It will be on my upcoming release entitled 'Headspace'. Release date as of now is unknown, but within a few weeks hopefully.

I won't be able to post another mix for a little bit, as I'll be going on tour for about a month in the US, with a possible trip overseas for another month of touring (yet to be seen and solidified). I have some collaborations lined up with a few people, both mixes and original ideas that have been discussed, and I am really looking forward to bringing some great music to Spaceman's Transmissions. 

turn on, tune in, sleep...

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