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camping under the stars

January 27th, 2014

I've been into the BANDCAMP site for a relatively short while now, and I have to give the site a lot of credit if helping me find some great independent artists. Bandcamp is very instrumental in giving these artists a place to market their original music, and this has become a very valuable asset to those that praise independent musicians (that's me!). The creation of the DIY musician as producer/label/market is a product borne of the music industry's greed, and that benefits us in that we are awarded creations that the music industry would rather ignore. Their loss, our gain......

I've created this amalgamation from artists' music who I've gotten from Bandcamp (one caveat; the Phillip Wilkerson tune I got from Earth Mantra, but I absolutely love the tune and decided to slip it in this mix! I own quite a few from Phillip both from Bandcamp and Earth Mantra), and their sounds speak loud volumes. This is no means a complete list, just a current list of what I've found so far that has appealed to me. Trust me, I have not even heard a fraction of the unreal music that can be found there. It's quite the event to check back often and see beautiful sounds piling up in the queue. There are certain things that stick out for some reason to me and that comprises what's here. This mix, to me, was one of my favorites to make, as I'm standing on the shoulders of those who have created some masterpieces that really move me. Truly inspiring.

I have to give a shout out to 2 sources that I use when finding new music on Bandcamp. One is 
AMBIENT SLEEPING PILL, which is an indispensable resource for ambient music that is just barely over one year old (Happy Birthday, Mr. Klimek!). I've discovered many new artists there. The other is the listener BRIAN BOURASSA, whose Bandcamp profile spurs me on to check out new art quite often. I admire (and envy) Brian's massive accumulation of music and the honest critiques that he writes. He's been a consistent go-to guy for getting some good suggestions (Brian, I could have used input from you on this one, let's talk for the next one!).

You can view my ever so humble collection at If there is just one a way to show support for independent artists, this is definitely it. You can get so much music for free, but supporting them is not only karma (as well as added to your collection so that listeners can see those artists you feel strongly about) but also very inspiring for the artists to create more. Peace.

turn on, tune in, sleep...

guest mix: jon lloyd

January 25th, 2014

I've been a regular follower of JON LLOYD on Mixcloud, getting turned on by (of all things) his mix LIVED IN BARS which is a great outing. His mix THE TEXTURE OF SOUND is another that I highly recommend (you can see my comments on the mix). Jon's a consummate listener of all kinds of music, and shares his thoughts about what really vibes him when he hears it. He's managing to create mixes from whatever draws him in next, and isn't limited to a certain genre or flavor-of-the-month in favor of his own interest or intuition. I enjoy the comments that he leaves (not only for myself, but for others) as it's always evident that he dug way deep into the particular piece to really have the music exist firmly within himself. Inspirational, to say the least. I asked him if I could host a mix, and he obliged (much thanks, man!). For this particular episode, I bring you a different sort of mix that compiles a very good feeling array of positive vibe entitled ANOTHER DAY DRIFTS AWAY. This is not a mix for the sleepers (sorry!), but for the active listening participants. For me, this mix is essential headphone listening that provided me with a very good spiritual lift. While it's not so much ambient, it is an offering that gets your head right and puts you in a better place. If music were medicine (and not just therapy), Jon just filled our prescription correctly.

I asked Jon to shed some light on the how and why. Here's what he had to say:

I've been making mixes since I could press the 'record' button. First on cassette, then on CD, and more recently for Mixcloud. A few years ago I became obsessed with making the perfect 'sleep mix', and would only be satisfied once I knew for a fact that I'd fallen asleep each night before hearing the final track. Like tonepoet perhaps, 'I'd like to teach the world to sleep'.

This mix isn't a sleep mix, more a comptemplative 'end-of-day' collection. I created it for New Year's Day 2014 and just about managed to finish it that day. I think the track by This Mortal Coil is my favourite on there; amazing lyrics, and music surging with emotion, nostalgia, a tinge of sadness but also hope. The first track, though, is also a bit of a killer. I once saw Michael Brook play in a church and it was amazing. His effects pedal 'wall' almost reached the ceiling. An incredible sound. Thanks very much to tonepoet for hosting this mix. I really have gained a lot of inspiration from his mixes and continue to do so
(**thanks, bro, sniff sniff**)."

And so I bring you an enlightening amalgamation of really great music to lift us up. The first sunny, bright, warm day will definitely have this written all over it, but I encourage you to allow it to bring you out of the winter doldrums as well. Jon urges you to visit the amazing art of 
JEANNIE LYNN PASKE'S OBSOLETE WORLD. He has used a couple of the artist's images for his mix and they are the perfect match for his themes. Pay a visit and show the love. Check out more mixes from the diverse ears of JON LLOYD. Again, thanks, Jon!! Peace.

turn on, tune in, sleep...

guest mix: sofamixes

January 22nd, 2014

For this episode of Spaceman's Transmissions, I'm proud to present the appropriately named SOFAMIXES. I was given this (upon request, natch) quite a long time ago, and have let its beauty saturate my mind upon many occasions. Well, now that we've had quite a bit of snow in Maryland and having spent the last few hours outside making snowballs and running around with the kids, I came in to thaw out with some hot chocolate, a hot potato, and this mix. Got to say, I'm having a very difficult time trying to figure out the best part of getting warm. I'm guessing the music. As I stare out the window at the snow outside on this graciously clear (but cold!) day, this mix is providing the perfect backdrop to my current mental state.

Sofamixes hails to us from Ghent, Belgium, and hosts some very eclectic and interesting mixes. Even a FRANK ZAPPA MIX, how cool is that (I love Zappa). Sofamixes has been quite busy with another Mixcloud profile under the name OSCAR LOMAN, supplying us with old-time mixes that feature some of the best artwork that I've seen. Be sure to get a pleasant earful from both mix profiles, and for those inclined for a second Winter Wanderland mix, it can be found HERE. Allow this mix to warm your soul in the frigid winter months, and let it's peaceful intent provide you an aural blanket that thaws your mind and body.

turn on, tune in, sleep...

sight becomes sound

January 7th, 2014

It's pretty obvious that one thing that attracts us to music is that it's a marker for events in our lives. How many times have we heard a song from the past and been transported the that particular time and place that brands a moment to the music? There's no better way to recreate the sense of experiences than from music that surrounds particular events, so that we can recall and relive these special periods again and again. And film makers know this. They create the anxiety, elation, pride, and so on that envelopes character's actions.

With this offering, I've chosen to create a mix of offerings from films. A lot of times, I'll really tune into the music in a film, and make it a point to search the music out. I have a lot of soundtracks, and I do listen to them quite often. I didn't put a lot of things on this that I would have liked, as I tried to stick with a particular format. Some of my favorites soundtracks that didn't make the cut are Devdas, Purple Rain (I have every Prince album!), The Truth About Charlie, Sprout, Oceans Eleven or Twelve, A.I., A Beautiful Mind, Amelie, Hair, etc., and so on. I purposely tried to steer clear (as well as I could) from the very dark and orchestral heavy soundtrack music that exists more prominently, and chose pieces that ebbed and flowed with organic transitions.

I hope that you like this mix. Popcorn is optional. Throughout your life, when you hear a sound or song that inspires you, let inspiration become moment specific. No one has the same life soundtrack as you do. Peace.

turn on, tune in, sleep...

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