Spaceman’s Transmissions By Tonepoet (Ambient Music To Sleep, Relax & Meditate)
guest mix: silas

guest mix: silas

December 10, 2013

Welcome to another episode of Spaceman's Transmissions with a requested mix from SILAS. I've had the extreme fortune of letting this mix permeate my mind for quite some time now and have picked up on the subtle nuances that flow between sections (although there are realistically no 'sections'; the whole mix is a consistent journey of seamless flow). What we are presented with is a rich wealth of soundscapes, moods, and colors that are contemplative and cerebral. As much as I think most ambient mixes can be a passage into the subconscious depths of slumber, this mix is one that must be taken in while fully attentive of its intensity and directional flow. If Pink Floyd did an ambient-ish concept album, it would sound like this. 

Silas has managed to define, establish, and destroy the fine boundaries of music that encompass ambient elements, and has created cinematic brain food. He's rewritten ambient structure in his own majestic style, and weaved such an amazing tapestry balancing depth with sound. His use of darker themes and degraded colors meld with vinyl flavors. When a presentation like this comes along, I can't help but feel as though it's a very long time in the making (edit: I was told it was 5 or 6 months in the making, ouch!). It definitely makes it difficult to keep up with the imaginative minds of mix gurus like Silas. Much repeated listenings on this to be had, for sure.

Silas was initially inspired by Detroit techno (the disputed birthplace) and electronic music to develop his mixing obsession in 1998 while residing in Somerset. Beginning with artists from such labels as NINJATUNEMO WAX, and WARP, Silas' tastes evolved to include artists like The Future Sounds Of London and Boards Of Canada (I have everything from them). Eventually, Silas moved to Bristol to dig on the scene while DJ'ing and started discover and taking more atmospheric soundscapes of artists like Aphex Twin, Helios, and Jon Hopkins. Eventually, the sounds of The Cinematic Orchestra (one of my top five), Mogwai, and Sigur Ros (again, my top five) began spark his creative mind to explore that side of his mixing palette, and he created NORTH STREET. With the snowball rolling, he began to create mixes with sounds of his cherished sonic past along with current favorites like Burial, Mogwai, To The Future, Wisp, and Sigur Ros.

Breathwork is a culmination of classical, electronic, field recordings, ambient, dark/light elements, and film scores (which Silas finds very inspirational). Stripped down piano passages are also an obsession of his, and you'll hear appropriately placed flourishes of this throughout the mix. Although there are 31 tracks listed, the number is actually around 45 or so. It all came down to getting good transitions, and realizing the concept perfectly constructed in his head (read the last sentence of the first paragraph again). This all started out as a mix that was supposed to be for personal use only, and through encouragement from a few close friends (who were loaned mix), we are blessed with an unreal journey of deep and consistent themes within a blissful aural experience. It goes without saying, but this is Silas' favorite mix thus far.

So, now that I'm shutting my trap, I'll let the music do the talking. Silas, in my opinion, is obviously proven to have a meticulous ear and mind for dreaming such an epic sonic journey. I'm really blown away to have been given the chance to share this, and I'm looking forward to the new year with many more carefully crafted offerings. Thank, Silas! Hear more creations HERE.

turn on, tune in, sleep...

guest mix: junkyard angel (part III)

guest mix: junkyard angel (part III)

December 3, 2013

I've been holding on to this little gem for a little while, and it's been getting a good bit of rotation on the playlist for two obvious reason: 1) it's JUNKYARD ANGEL, and 2) it's bloody great! I've been so very fortunate to have received an exclusive mix gifted to me by Mr. Junkyard Angel. I present you with Dusk Light Shadows. He meant only to share it with me privately, but how can this not be heard by anyone and everyone? Of course, I'm choosing to include it here, as well as on both my MIXCLOUD site and my PODBEAN site.

Along with this exclusive mix, I'm also bringing you WAITING FOR THE RAIN which he hosted on Mixcloud and I found to be so very mood enhancing (note: this one is available for download off of For some reason, when he creates a mix, I live inside the music. Waiting For The Rain sets a particular mood, and its meaning to exist is warranted by its sublime beauty, intensity, and carefully executed (as well as flawlessly delivered) theme.

Junkyard Angel is one of the more underrated ambient mix creators around, and I'm so blown away by his ear to capture and mold soundscapes to reflect his deep appreciation for all things musical. His mixes never seem disjointed or uncomfortable. He sets the flow, opens the bright box of fear and elation, and stirs them in a musical pot of equal parts wonderment and intensity. Once again, I'm very envious of his drawing of different textures within this mix. And that's a good thing. These mixes have all the elements that I favor: dark and light, and tons of dynamic contrast, while keeping the focus on the melodic beauty at the core. Every time he creates a mix, the bar is raised. Guilty confession time: I've been trying to figure out what it is that attracts me to his mixes so that I could incorporate that element into my own (talk about hero worship!!). It's getting increasingly difficult to even match his mixes, and I appreciate his inspiringly melodic morsels!

If I have one wish, and it's a very small one, it's that Junkyard Angel keeps blessing us with great mixes. Fantastic mix, my friend! Pay Junkyard Angel a visit on MIXCLOUD and show him the love! Peace.

turn on, tune in, sleep...

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