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(slowly drifting) light years away

November 23rd, 2013

After reviewing some new music, I came across STILL POINT by HAMMOCK. I was so overwhelmed with its deep, hypnotic swirl and realized that there was no way I couldn't put it in this mix. I was supposed to be doing a final project for an Organizational Communications class, but now I'm sidetracked with putting this out there. How unfortunate. No, not really (actually finished the class, did quite well in it BTW).

After hearing Still Point, I came up with title immediately. I'm truly inspired right now. And I've created a mix that will take your mind on a peaceful, uplifting, and enlightening journey to the ether of your mind. This mix is multi-purpose: you can sleep to it, you can definitely stay awake to it and have your mind blown, or you can choose a state in between the two. I've carefully mixed and mashed up some very tasty ingredients for your mental departure to the deep corners of solitude and escape.

Please feel free to lighten the grip of your mind's gravity. We'll return after a bit. But for now, let go, and bathe yourself in the sweet air of aural colors. As these colors caress your thoughts, your sense of being and awareness will stabilize into a state of solace. Reflect on the beauty of your past memories, and project into the grasp of your future goals. Whatever might be burdening your thoughts, you have my permission to let that go for a bit while we take this journey.

An unending thanks to Andrew Hoffman for giving this mix some radio airplay at WRFI.ORG. You can download the radio version from THE SLOW DRIFT or listen to is streaming at Andrew's MIXCLOUD PAGE. Andrew's radio broadcasts add such a special nostalgic feel of yesteryear that I miss, but with music that I really want to hear without any commercials (the way radio should be). So very happy!

I hope you enjoy our epic flight, and that you repeat the adventure in any way that you can. Support the artists, and keep dreaming. Peace.

turn on, tune in, sleep...

guest mix: the silent project

November 9th, 2013

Welcome to another edition of Spaceman's Transmissions with the sublime beauty of TUMULTES, a really peaceful (and requested) mix from THE SILENT PROJECT. I've been wearing this mix out a lot lately. It's spinning at the house, it receives play in the car, and gets regular rotation on the media player. Most importantly, it lives comfortably on the phone, which is reserved for extra amazing sonic pleasures. If I could eat this mix, I would. Trust me, I'm trying to figure out a way!

The Silent Project is a sonic architect that hails from Pointe-à-Pitre in Guadeloupe; city that resembles New Orleans in many ways. The cultures and lifestyles of the two cities are quite similar, and the history is shared (I'll have to read up on that a bit, as I've spent some hazy weeks in New Orleans). Despite living in the city, Greg spends a good amount of time in the nature, and that tunes his ear for making such deep masterpieces. He's always looking for the beauty and elegance in the world through way of music (minimalistic forms such as post-rock, or neo-classical), literature (Dostoyevsky), sports (like surfing, very cool), and science and this is reflected in his outlook for the mixes that he creates, and his time as a fundamental researcher for mathematics explains his interest in abstraction. This all culminates in his broad reception of sources for enhancing his life through music. And while he doesn't have a favorite artist that he gravitates towards, he definitely seems to favor labels such as MILLE PLATEAUX (the first period), WARPKRANKY (me, too!), TYPETOUCH, and RASTER-NOTON.

The Silent Project spent some years as a DJ/composer under the name UssF, mainly spinning minimal techno and minimal house (although away from the boards, the preferred listening music of his choice was ambient and electronica). When he had the chance to move abroad and travel, he decided that it was high time to quit the techno scene and focus on what would become The Silent Project. Glad he did, as we are rewarded with rich sonic outings such as what I'm presenting here to you.

There are so many wonderful woven textures within, so I'm hosting Tumultes here and 2 more on the SPACEMAN'S TRANSMISSIONS SITE featuring The Silent Project. You will find immense depth within the selections, and be rewarded with great peace. You can also follow The Silent project in a number of ways; first there is his FACEBOOK page (follow him and get updates), download the latest mixes from SOUNDCLOUD, and even purchase his music from BANDCAMP.

I'm absolutely sure that you will enjoy these mixes, and you'll be taken in by the same peacefulness that possesses The Silent Project when he mentally mixed these aural delights within the grip of Mother Nature. Peace.

turn on, tune in, sleep...

above, beyond

November 1st, 2013
Welcome to another episode of Spaceman's Transmissions. For this venture, we will set your thought-spacepod up nicely for your cosmic exploration. Delve into your innermost mind capsule for a bit, clear out the thought obstacles that hinder you, and project into a state of enduring peace. This mix is optimized for absolute relaxation and can be used in a number of ways. Mostly, it is to be used for sailing past the clouds, beyond the exosphere, and into the deep void. Using starlight as a beacon is permitted. However, do not be distracted by unnecessary influences such as random useless thoughts of anything but your creative flow. As you drift among the cosmos, reflect upon the beauty that life offers, and celebrate that. Upon reentry, your focus will be calibrated and thoughts will be aligned with purpose and motivation.

I purposely tried to mix it up with many diverse styles of music. A bit of ambient, a dash of shoegaze, and a smattering of ethnic colors. For me, and hopefully for you, it kept things a bit interesting. I've got some great guest mixes lined up, and this mix was inspired by those around me that are creating some amazing things.

Support the artists (like PHILLIP WILKERSON, whose music I used quite a bit in this mix). Peace.

turn on, tune in, sleep...

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