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guest mix: lepque

September 22nd, 2013

For this guest mix I present you, the listener, with an absolutely stellar outing from an ambient DJ that hails from Hungary. Not only that, but the only female ambient DJ in Hungary. How cool is that? Beyond a measurable scale of incredibly cool.

LEPQUE started out as a radio DJ, but got the bug for digging into ambient via Peter Namlook and Jonn Serrie, and has been fighting for the pure ambient style for over 10 years now. The name 'Lepque' is a play on the word 'Lepke', which means butterfly in Hungarian. She claims that it comes from the moth symbol. Just as a moth seeks the light, but dies when reaching it, Lepque also prefers to stay in the background, within the cool and soothing darkness.

When not preaching the gospel of ambient at a number of festivals at Ozora, the Sziget Festival, VOLT Festival, Waha, and many others, she's afforded the opportunity to spread her art in the club scene as well as radio. When performing at festivals, she is the lone wolf, representing the weary in their unique and mysterious space. In this world, she takes pleasure in witnessing thousands giving in to the sandman as she weaves her sleep-inducing sonic yarn. Seeing the happy faces the next morning proves that it's not just dance music that is welcome at festivals.

We are very similar in that we both draw a distinct line between ambient and other subgenres of chillout music, like lounge or downtempo styles (that others claim is ambient). One of the biggest wishes for Lepque is that she can make people realize what true ambient is. As with this space-themed mix, her main focus is to tell a story and present a theme with each creation that she conjures. Through her dreams she develops ideas, and becomes the music storyteller.

Her other wish is to eventually release her own music. After hearing her mix, and taking it in, I am pretty anxious to what has been bouncing around in her mind. Lepque, thanks so much for allowing me to host this, and I look forward to witnessing your future dreams coming to light.

Visit Lepque on her MIXCLOUD PAGE.


  • The Healing Lake – Rudy Adrian
  • Infinite Possibility – Phillip Wilkerson
  • Starmoods – Jonn Serrie
  • Memories Of Wandering, Pt. 1 – Robert Rich
  • Magnificent Gallery – Steve Roach
  • Wherever Two Or More Are Gathered – Michael Stearns
  • Merge (Violette Light Mix) – Troll ‘N Roll Records
  • The Return Of Babel – Babel
  • Rise To Light – Cosmic Replicant
  • 12 18 – Global Communication
  • Vanishing Memories – Alexander Cheresney
  • Untitled 6 – Irezumi
  • Victims Of A System – Har & Altus
  • A Drowning – Astropilot
  • Signals In Moonlight – Thom Brennan
  • Mirage – Peter Namlook
  • Empire Of Nothing – Numina
  • Before The Celebration – Hammock
  • Held Together By Gravity – Carbon Based Lifeforms
  • Silent Valleys – Andrew Lahiff
  • Beautiful Desolate Spaces – Adam Fielding
  • Zen – Tetsu Inoue
  • Under Stars II – Brian Eno

Turn on, tune in, sleep... 

guest mix: L.D.R.

September 22nd, 2013

I'm very excited to be awarded the opportunity to host a mix by this gentleman. L.D.R. hails from Sweden, and has some of the most eccentrically cool and diverse music that graces Mixcloud. Read the rest of this entry »

guest mix: junkyard angel (part II)

September 15th, 2013

I know that I've already had JUNKYARD ANGEL recently guest on a mix, but this one to me is a real mind blowing epic. I'm really drawn in by the theme of it, and the subtle blend of each approaching color. I grew up on the coast, and visiting the oceans is nowhere near the same as growing up there. There is a sense of comfort for the soul that lives there, and in my opinion, this mix by Junkyard Angel captures the peaceful and beautiful vibe with an extreme accuracy.

We've conversed about the importance of the ocean in our lives, and it has equal impact upon us. The waters can be unforgiving for those who seek to conquer it, but offer solace for those who respect it. Perhaps Junkyard Angel can put his thoughts into words best:

'For me, going to the coast can be a calming and cleansing experience, seeing the vast sea plateauing out to infinity seems to dissolve the myriad of problems stacked up within, feeling them fizz away with the tide into the depths beyond, another drop in the ocean. When I was very young, I had a crystal set radio complete with army type field headphones (no Dr Dre style in them days) installed next to my bed. At night I would try and tune into something contemporary but more often than not I would stumble upon foreign radio broadcasts or better still the shipping forecast on BBC Radio 4; the strange array of words in English didn't make much sense but intrigued me nonetheless. On some occasions the forecast would oscillate wildly distorting the voice, melding into an aural seascape of vaporised language inducing a raft like slumber.'

I couldn't have put that better. Visit Junkyard Angel's Mixcloud page 
HERE, and download some of his original compositions HERE. One day, JA, we're gonna get the chance to do some night fishing together, mark my words!


  • Last Seaweed Collecting Hut At Freshwater West Part 1 Angle - Stylus
  • A Second Sailing - Docetism
  • Seaside - Arovane
  • Surface From The Groundless Ocean - Krill Minima
  • Take My Hand And Come With Me - Lahto
  • The Rivers Turned To Cobblestones - Library Tapes
  • And The Rain Embraced Our Closing - Language Of Landscape
  • Bay - Mountains
  • Along The Way - Loren Connors
  • They Leave Everything Behind - Johann Johannsson
  • Salt Photographs - Brambles
  • Sleepy Crayfish - Mwvm
  • Realization At Dusk - Hakobune
  • On The Coast - Marsh And May
  • La Dolce Vita - Fellini

turn on, tune in, sleep...

lose yourself, find yourself

September 12th, 2013

(from Webster's Dictionary): 

imag·i·na·tion noun i-ˌma-jə-ˈnā-shən

1: the act, process, or power of forming a mental picture of something not present especially of something one has not known or experienced
2: creative ability
3: a creation of the mind

Creative thought is a basic sense that we are born with, but grows dull as we suppress its misalignment within modern society. Stop saying silly things, stay within the lines, act like a grown up. We are molded to learn how to act based on 'more mature' peers within our age group, thus sacrificing our creative soul. I have say, when you have kids, you go one way or the other. On one hand, you can act like a 'normal' parent, with strict rules and norms that society expects, monitoring the 'fun meter'. On the other hand, one could revert to being a child, in order to gain a greater understanding. The alleged 'adult child' will begin adopting the mannerisms of their offspring, gaining a second wind of their childhood and doing such juvenile things such as making faces at the dinner table for a laugh, reading comic books and watching cartoons together, and so on.

I belong to the second group.

I created this mix without a preconceived idea of what it should be. Rather, I just chose a bunch of random things that I really love. Maybe there is no theme, but to me there is definitely a derived feeling. I can say with much assurance that music has kept me young. It has made my mind fresh, and open. I crave arts, and everything I hear becomes my life's soundtrack; living in and for the moment. My children soak up music and art like a sponge, and their lack of inhibitions allows me to have some of the most creative talks with them than I ever could with an 'adult'. We all seek to reminisce our past, relive our best moments, and rebuild upon our memories. Music is our landmark for everything (you know this already!).

Take the music, digest it, and fit it into your daily life. Create mental images to live by, swallowing your inhibitions in favor of feeling truly alive. And don't give a damn what anyone thinks.

turn on, tune in, sleep...

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