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melancholy (part II)

melancholy (part II)

June 6, 2013

Guten Tag (oder Morgen, Abend.........wasimmer), wie geht's? Mir geht's gut, danke. Just trying to keep up with old skills, sorry. Like the very first mix that I did (MELANCHOLY), this outing is a representation of a nostalgic period in my life. Perhaps it's the vibe, or a certain sound within the songs that I pick up on. Having must moved (a big event in my life, and I mark those events by what I listen to), I find a comfort in the songs presented here, and I have been bouncing these songs off of my mind for a little bit now.

I just recently discovered Petal, and this song more than others is a composition direction that I'd like to explore. I'm going to pick his song apart and find out what makes it magical to me. World Without End is the perfect song to open this mix up with. It creates the right atmosphere for me to get my head right. I'm actually quite (justifiably) jealous of Petal's composition skills and tones, and in particular on this piece. Be sure to pay him a visit at either his blog (PETAL) or his artist page at Earth Mantra (EARTH MANTRA - PEDAL). He also gave me a killer review on my release with Harmony & Decay (thanks, man!!).

Also a relatively new discovery is Phillip Wilkerson, and I'm a big fan! The first time that I heard Stillpoint, it sounded (to me) much like the transition from Pink Floyd's Money into Us And Them (from Dark Side Of The Moon). I will never forget the morning my sister bought that album and played it (all day) while 'babysitting'. Stillpoint put me in that same place as soon as I heard it (I'm waiting to hear the opening of Floyd's 'Us And Them'). I will definitely be using more of Phillip's music in upcoming podcasts.

A quite amazing track that means a whole lot to me is Brian Eno's Discreet Music. I used to play (very loud) guitar with a country band in Alaska for 4 or 5 hours a night every weekend (I'm really not making that up!) and would have my ears completely blasted out. When I got in the car (which I had to warm up for 30-45 minutes when it was -40 or so), this was the song that I would let ease me back into my subdued realm. There were a few other songs that I would use for that, but this one really sticks to my mind. That coming down session in the car meant that it was a downhill battle to drive home and turn off the mind (with a pocket full of money!), and I cherish those moments. Like I said - nostalgia.

I also slipped in 2 songs from the Donnie Darko soundtrack. It's one of my favorite movies, and the moods created by the music enhance the film. I actually am working on music-from-films mix, and should have it ready in a few weeks (the tough thing is, most songs are about 2 or 3 minutes, so that's A LOT of songs!).
Most everything else is stuff that I listen to at night time (everything from the John Foxx/Harold Budd collaboration, Paul Avgerinos, Stars Of The Lid) or make mixes for the car (Boards Of Canada) and hear them over and over and over and............. I can remember the first time that I heard each tune and the impact that they had. This mix means a lot to me and will be one of the ones that I constantly play for myself.

I hope that the music brings you peace, and tranquility, and comfort. Share it with anyone who needs to wind down and let go for a bit. Support the artists!

turn on, tune in, sleep...

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