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music for daydreamers

August 28th, 2012

Hello, all. This mix is for the daydreaming cloudwatcher. This summer made me that (again), since it was my son's first real summer (between kindergarten and first grade) and we spent the whole summer outdoors, riding bikes until dusk, throwing frisbees, flying kites, swimming, and so on. And doing a lot of daydreaming. You can use the music for anything that you'd like, as long as you're not operating heavy machinery.

I got the chance to finally put in a few things that I've wanted to use for a while now. AND, I've been kind of digging finding some things online through Netlabels (you'll see that in the track listing for the label). Basically, ARCHIVE.ORG has a lot of really great stuff (like EL Heath in this mix), and people post many things for free, whole releases of numerous tracks with artwork. I've found some really amazing things there, so I think that it's worth checking that stuff out. I initially started out to do a semi-electronica set featuring a smattering of beat-laden chillout, but stuck with making everything (nearly) beatless (I did manage to cheat and put in a beat with the Bombay Dub Orchestra tune, I love them!). I did use some of the other artists that I wanted to use for a more beat oriented mix, like  Carbon Based Lifeforms and The Cinematic Orchestra. Another time, perhaps.

Anyhow, thanks for listening, downloading, sharing, and appreciating some amazing music. Please support the artists, they do it for the love!

turn on, tune in, sleep...

guitars gently weaved

August 18th, 2012

I'm doing something out of the ordinary this time. This mix I actually did quite a while ago, it was probably the 3rd or so one that I did (although I made a couple of revisions). The mix is a bit shorter than others that I've done, but I had to find things from the artists that didn't completely melt one's face (sorry Yngwie!). I had some other artists on this in the initial phases (like Mr. Malmsteen, and some Nuno Bettencourt), but didn't want it to be a lot of notes or seem a bit shred-licious. I still wanted to make it pretty chill. That was a challenge. 

I'm a professional guitarist by trade. I've traveled and performed in 49 states (no Hawaii yet), and over 20 countries, all in the name of playing guitar. It has gotten me everywhere that I am, and the journey is not over. So it was a matter of time for me to put something like this out. I love guitar, and guitarists, and obsess over new gear, and a lot of volume. I really love ambient music because it is something that I don't do, and it's very calming and minimal. I suppose that I'm a bit envious that the really great ambient artists create a very dramatic feeling with so little. 

I opened up with the amazing Jeff Beck. He was a huge influence to me getting into playing a more fusion approach with the Blow By Blow and Wired albums. I still wear them out and pick the notes apart. His Live At Ronnie Scott's DVD is a mind blower! 

If you've seen the movie Superbad or The 40 Year Old Virgin, you've heard the music of Lyle Workman. He also played for many years with Beck (not Jeff). He also toured a bit with Sting. The guy has heavy credits as a studio musician.

The Dream Theater tune The Count Of Tuscany was the one that initially made me think that it would be neat to do a mix of stuff from sources that aren't ambient at all. My wife and I love them, and we actually saw them play live a few years ago (I think my wife was the only woman at the show! Ha!). Putting in Xanadu from Rush is also a no-brainer. I love the prog (going to see Symphony X in Baltimore in September, google them, they are pretty heavy!). 

Carl Verheyen is another really heavy player with an amazing amount of studio credit and chops. I actually had a lesson with him while on tour through California in 2008. He blew my mind, no doubt. I'm still working on what he showed me. 

David Gilmour (of Pink Floyd) invented ambient stoner rock, and absolutely deserved a few spots in this mix. 

There's just something about British guitarists, and Jimmy Page is one of the best. Honestly, I only set out to learn Stairway To Heaven, and nothing more. But that planted the seed that set my life in motion for what I do now (by mistake?). Every next song I heard from Led Zeppelin was the best thing I heard in my life, and Jimmy's guitar army still amazes me. 

Well, I enjoyed making this mix (of course). I probably won't do another like this, I don't think. Enjoy! 

Turn on, tune in, rock out, THEN sleep...

mother earth, she breathes

August 14th, 2012

The working title to this post was 'Your Other Mother'. I ended up calling it what it is now for no particular reason. I came up with the concept for this mix while down in Florida, at the beach every other day, flying kites, doing a lot of running in the morning, and seeing great sunsets. Actually, the seed for any and all of this sensation came from my son 'graduating' from kindergarten in June. It brought back all of the amazing things that I remember about being a little kid in the summertime. It helps that I grew up in a beach town, and my only concern was getting a new frisbee or a cool SKIMBOARD, watching airplanes flying overhead spelling out 'Pepsi', cloud watching, riding bike like it was a religion, and every other fun thing that makes being a little kid the best experience ever. Anyhow, enough reminiscing.... 

This mix I present to you, and hope that you really enjoy it, and most of all that this summer (that we're still clinging to) brings you MUCH joy! I have to advertise the fact that artist known as Bark Cat Bark (Josh Todd) makes some amazing music and plays all the instruments himself. He is no longer going by that moniker, but if you dig deep enough, you can find all of his stuff online. The best part: it's free!

turn on, tune in, sleep...

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